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Wrongful death cases take a toll on loved ones of the deceased, and any help is appreciated. Find out how wrongful death lawyers can help here.
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Jan 23, 2021
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How Can Wrongful Death Lawyers Help?
Losing a loved one is never easy. For those who lose a loved one to wrongful death, there is some hope to pursue justice and financial compensation. Florida state law surrounding personal injury claims and wrongful death claims are extensive and difficult to decipher without a background in law. This is only one of the […]
Oct 16, 2019
Wrongful Death Case - Dante Law Firm
What Happens When Wrongful Death Happens in an Ambulance?
Losing a loved one in a medical emergency is a traumatizing experience. But it can be even worse if you believe their death may have happened under wrongful circumstances. Wrongful death cases can happen at many points in the medical process, but if your loved one died in an ambulance on the way to the […]
Sep 24, 2019
Wrongful Death Lawyers - Dante Law Firm, PA
Top Wrongful Death Lawsuit Questions Answered Here
Every day there are millions of accidents happening around the world. A big percentage of these accidents are as a result of negligence. Due to negligence, millions of families lose their loved ones in situations that could have been easily avoided. Such negligence is often followed by a wrongful death lawsuit. Read on to find […]
Sep 10, 2019
Electrocution Accidents - Dante Law, P.A.
The Consequences of an Electrocution Injury
According to data collected by OSHA, over 4,600 workers are killed every year — most of them in the field of construction.  The so-called “Fatal Four” risks and accidents are responsible for the majority of these horrific fatalities. Falls, being struck by an object, and being caught in or struck by a machine are a […]
Dec 08, 2018
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Experiencing Wrongful Death
If you have experienced the death of a loved one due to the negligence, recklessness, or willfulness of some person or company , then please know that all our attorneys and staff at Dante Law Firm send our sincerest condolences. Our Miami Wrongful Death Attorneys understand the extreme emotional stress you and your loved ones […]
Dec 01, 2018
Charged In Death
Miami-Dade Police Officer Charged In Death
Two weeks ago, prosecutors brought charges against a Miami-Dade police officer in the death of Emilio Jesus Vizcaino eight months ago. The accident has been under investigation ever since it occurred. Police have determined that Officer Jon Song was driving at almost double the speed limit when he ran a stop sign and struck the […]
Oct 12, 2018
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Five Common Causes of Wrongful Deaths in Florida
In this life, there are few things harder than dealing with the death of a loved one. Their missing presence lingers in memories, daily activities, and special occasions. Their loss adds stress to all aspects of life, including financial aspects. This is especially true if the decedent was the primary earner of the family. After […]
Sep 07, 2018
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Local Man’s Suicide Results in Wrongful Death Suit
A man who was institutionalized in Centerstone, a Florida mental health inpatient facility, recently committed suicide while under care. Duane Riddick had been known to struggle with depressive episodes and voluntarily committed himself to the institution earlier this year in a bid to get the behavioral health help he needed. However, while receiving inpatient care […]
Aug 11, 2018
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Learning How to Cope with Your Loved One’s Wrongful Death
The loss of a loved one is never easy. It can be incredibly difficult and overwhelming when the loss is deemed to be due to wrongful death. Wrongful death is caused when one person’s negligent actions cause the death of another. This can be an individual, a group of people, a company or any other […]
Aug 03, 2018
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Beware Of Funeral Home Negligence In Wrongful Death Cases: Everything You Need To Know
If you have recently lost a loved one, it certainly seems that it could not get any worse. Believe it or not, it can. Unfortunately, an increasing number of Americans become victims of funeral home negligence every year. I know what you are thinking, “Wait a second… Funeral home negligence, seriously? I am already suing […]
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