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Truck accidents are different from car accidents and may require additional help. Find out why you should hire truck wreck lawyers here.
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7 Vital Reasons to Hire Truck Wreck Lawyers After Your Truck Accident

Statistics show that trucking fatalities and crashes are the highest they have been in 30 years.

One of the reasons for this is that trucks are the workhorses of the transportation sector. However, according to the Department of Transportation, 90% of truck accidents are a result of human error. 

If you have been involved in a trucking accident, it’s essential that you seek help when carrying out your claim.

There are numerous reasons why you need truck wreck lawyers on your side. If you end up fighting your case alone, you might be done out of compensation that is rightfully yours.

Ready to get smart as to why you need an attorney for your truck accident court case or insurance claim? Continue reading as we share with you the top 7 vital reasons why you need legal representation if you’ve been the victim of a truck accident. 

1. Truck Accidents Can Cause Major Injuries and Damage

It’s no secret that truck accidents can cause major injuries and damage to vehicles. This is one of the reasons why truck wreck lawyers are so vital.

If you’ve been in a truck accident, you probably didn’t get away with just a scratched paint job. Instead, your vehicle might have undergone extensive damage, and you may have sustained serious injuries. 

If this is the case, you might suffer various areas of loss. For instance, physical injury can result in not only medical bills but lost income, emotional costs, and future disability. 

To fully claim for all of these areas, it’s best to have an experienced attorney on your case. Otherwise, your compensation might not be enough to fully cover your current and future costs associated with the accident.

2. You Will Probably Have to Go up Against the Trucking Company

One of the things you should know if you’ve been in a trucking accident is that you’ll probably have to fight your case against the trucking company, not the trucker.

Filing a claim against a large organization, or fighting them in court, is more difficult than with an individual. Companies have vast insurance and legal resources. In all likelihood, they probably have an entire legal team at their disposal. 

The chances are that this legal team, as well as their insurance specialists, have years of experience dealing with truck accident claims. They are versed in combating them and know all the loopholes and avenues to disprove their liability. 

As an individual, going up against this type of experience, capital, and manpower is not easy. 

3. Proving Negligence on Your Own Can Be Challenging

In some accidents, proving negligence can be relatively simple, especially if there are reliable first-hand witness accounts. 

However, truck accident liability can lie with a few different parties. For instance, it could be the driver who was at fault. It could also be the truck company itself if they did not see that proper truck maintenance was carried out. It could even be the manufacturer of a defective part on the truck that played a role in the accident. 

For instance, stats show that 26% of trucking accidents are caused by defective brakes. Sometimes, truck brakes may fail due to improper maintenance and tardy replacement. However, in other cases, it could be that the breaks have a manufacturing fault. 

Another example of this is tire blowouts. Tire blowouts are a common cause of truck accidents, especially with semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, and tractor-trailers. 

Truckers are responsible for checking their tires before trips. Trucking companies are also responsible for communicating this to their drivers, enforcing checks, and providing the right training. They are also responsible for timely tire replacement.

If you can prove that tires were not checked, or not replaced when they needed to be—your claim will be that much stronger. 

Identifying liable parties, and proving their negligence in court can be very hard if you aren’t familiar with how this process works. 

4. You Don’t Have Much Time

Fighting a claim in court requires a lot of time, patience, and understanding. If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to your case, you should definitely let a professional handle it. 

The claim process also has certain deadlines by which you can file. If you miss these, you will derail your whole case. Truck wreck lawyers know about all the deadlines associated with injury claims. 

5. Insurance Providers Do Not Have Your Interests at Heart

Although insurance companies market themselves as compassionate, caring entities, their main business goal is to turn a profit. Because of this, they actively incentivize representatives to buy time and stall. They also pay out as little as possible, especially if you are not their client. 

If the insurance providers of the trucking company you are claiming from are leading you around the garden, and not cooperating, then you definitely need a truck wreck lawyer on your side. Personal injury and truck wreck lawyers know exactly how to handle insurance companies and win you the best settlement.

6. Navigating a Claim on Your Own Can Be Extremely Stressful

Another reason why you should have a truck wreck lawyer on your side is that legal and court proceedings can be very stressful. If you’ve been in an accident, the last thing you need is to be exposed to more stress.

If you hire a truck wreck lawyer, you can hand the stress over and let them manage the proceedings from start to finish. 

7. You Have Little Experience in Claim Proceedings

Have you ever fought a legal battle? If not, this is yet another reason to call up a team of capable truck wreck lawyers. 

Research shows that even qualified lawyersneed to be experienced to handle cases effectively. Without the right experience, it’s easy for your case to become compromised by the defending party. 

Need Help With a Claim? Get in Contact With Florida’s Best Truck Wreck Lawyers

If you’ve had the misfortune of being in an accident involving a truck, now’s the time to act. Do not delay, as this could put you out of the deadline period for filing your claim. 

What’s more, get an expert on your case from the beginning. As you can see, there are several critical reasons why truck wreck lawyers can be the make or break for your claim. 

If you are located in Florida, we’re the people to call. Our team of experienced and seasoned truck wreck lawyers is available round the clock to handle your claim. 

Additionally, when you bring your case to us, you don’t pay a cent until we win. Our offices are open 24/7. Contact us now for a free case evaluation.

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