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While you can’t do anything about the pandemic, you can focus on working closely with your attorney while still remaining physically distant. That way you’ll know where your case is at in the court system, and you won’t feel like you’re left out of the loop. With some planning and understanding, COVID-19 doesn’t have to derail the progress of your court case. Here are some of the main things to consider.
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May 15, 2020
Accident during Covid-19 - Dante Law Firm
What Will Happen to My Personal Injury Case During COVID-19?
With the coronavirus closing down all kind of businesses, including some courtrooms, you may be wondering what’s going to happen to the case your personal injury lawyer is handling for you. Additionally, there will still be accidents and other injuries like slip and falls, even though there are fewer cars on the road and not […]
Apr 13, 2020
Driving during COVID-19
Driving Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic Could Save Your Life
Everyone knows that driving safely is the best way to reduce your chances of suffering serious injury in a car accident. However, during a global pandemic, driving safely is even more important. Hospitals and emergency rooms in the Miami-Dade area are already crowded. Medical professionals are working around the clock helping Coronavirus patients. As the […]
Jan 06, 2020
Rollover Crash in Miami-Dade - Dante Law Firm
Fatal Rollover Wreck on Miami-Dade’s Bird Road Leaves One Dead, One Arrested
The holidays are a dangerous time to be on the road, and early on Friday morning, three people found that out the hard way. Southwest Miami-Dade police and fire rescue crews responded to a rollover wreck around three in the morning on December 20, 2019. Read on to learn more about the crash, the causes, and the investigation […]
Nov 04, 2019
Giving Thanks, The Dante Law Firm, P.A.
Give Thanks for Safe Driving: Here’s Some Florida Thanksgiving Travel Tips
Surrounding the table with friends and family, enjoying a delicious meal. Watching the afternoon game while dozing off, stuffed with turkey. Catching up and spending quality time with others, plus the occasional political rant. It must be Thanksgiving. Some 2.8-million people took to the roads for the Florida Thanksgiving holiday break in 2018. Unfortunately, not everyone made […]
Dec 14, 2018
Driving Safety Tips
Holiday Shopping And Driving Safety Tips To Avoid Car Accidents, Robberies And Assaults
These days, millions of American consumers are flooding shopping malls all across the nation in an effort to find the best Christmas presents for their family members and friends (or themselves). That means Americans have to drive lots of miles to get to their favorite shopping mall, even if it means driving to a mall […]
Nov 30, 2018
Hit And Run Accident
Hit And Run Driver Injures Two People
Last week, police were searching for a suspect who caused a multi-vehicle crash and then took off on foot. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, there were four vehicles involved in a crash at Okeechobee Road and Northwest 118th Avenue. They say that a dark Infiniti SUV collided with a Toyota SUV leading to a […]
Nov 24, 2018
DUI Car Crash
Miami Reserve Police Officer Involved In DUI Accident
Milton Roy Lovett, a Miami Police reserve officer, should know better. He was arrested last week in Miramar on DUI charges stemming from an accident that he caused. Not only that, but he resisted arrest with violence, say Miramar police officers. Officers say they received a call from a motorist who said he was struck […]
Nov 16, 2018
Car accident
Wrong Way Crash Kills One, Injures Three
A wrong-way crash just outside of Miramar, in Pembroke Pines, killed one person and sent three to the hospital with serious injuries. The accident happened last Monday night just east of US 27. Police say that 23-year-old Flavia Pinto was driving his Honda down the wrong side of the road when she struck a Nissan […]
Oct 19, 2018
Car Accident Attorney Miramar
Plywood Flies Off Truck, Slices Into Windshield
When you head out in your vehicle for your day, we know that getting into an accident is the last thing on your mind. Sure, you know it could happen, but you do everything you can to drive safely. Unfortunately, you cannot control other driver’s behavior. Sometimes, their negligence is what can cause you harm. […]
Sep 29, 2018
car accident
A Girl Was Killed and 7 Injured
Recently, we came across a tragic story that we cannot get off of our minds. Someone ran a stop sign in our county and ended up killing a 12-year-old girl and injuring seven others. When that day started, nobody involved in this accident knew how much their lives would change. They certainly did not expect […]
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