Two Teens and Good Samaritan Killed in Horrific Miami DUI Accident
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Apr 21, 2014
DUI Accident
Two Teens and Good Samaritan Killed in Horrific Miami DUI Accident
Miami teenagers, 17-year-old Anapaula Saldana and her fried Caroline Agreda, crashed their car with an SUV driver at SW 157th Ave. and 56th St. on Sunday, April 13th. While they were standing by their car, a passing motorist named Eduardo Hernandez stopped to help them and attend to the injured SUV driver until police arrived. […]
Apr 08, 2014
Whiplash Injuries in South Florida Car Accidents Can be Severe
Of all the injuries sustained in car accidents, whiplash is one of the most common. Whiplash occurs most often when a car is rear-ended or side swiped, and thousands of whiplash injuries are diagnosed every year. In fact, more than 120,000 whiplash injuries occur annually in all crashes in passenger cars, light trucks, multipurpose passenger […]
Apr 03, 2014
What do I do After a Car Accident?
In the aftermath of a serious Miami car accident, it can be difficult to know what to do next–and where to turn for help. Car accident victims may be suffering from shock or they may be hospitalized for a long and extended period of time. Sadly, during their recovery, valuable evidence may be lost forever. […]
Mar 28, 2014
Broken Bones and Fractures after Car Accidents
Broken bones and fractures can occur in a wide variety of accidents throughout the State of Florida. Car crashes, workplace accidents, and slip and fall accidents can all cause mild to severe breaks or fractures. Sadly, even the most innocent of falls can cause disastrous injuries–especially to the elderly or to the very young. When […]
Mar 25, 2014
Car Accident Statistics
Every year the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiles data from across the United States on car crashes, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and trucking crashes. These statistics are useful for recognizing trends across the country, as well as identifying problem areas for states to work on. These statistics become the focus of Florida […]
Mar 25, 2014
Spinal Cord Injuries are Not Always Permanent
There is good news for spinal cord injury victims in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm, Beach, and throughout the state of Florida. Researchers at Tufts Medical Center have confirmed that the majority of spinal cord injuries are not permanent and victims can regain some of their mobility in time. While some fine motor skills may not […]
Mar 21, 2014
Insurance Companies Avoid Paying Accident Claims
Your insurance company is supposed to be on your side. After all, you have been a loyal customer for years and never missed a premium payment. Yet after a car accident, that same insurance company will look for ways to avoid paying your claim. Why? It’s simple–they care more about their bottom line than your […]
Mar 17, 2014
Side Impact Accidents Are Often Fatal
Crash research and accident data continues to show that side impact accidents or T-bone accidents are often fatal. In fact, 18% of all fatal car accidents are side impact crashes. These horrific crashes occur most often at intersections when one car fails to recognize another vehicle approaching. The result is a crash that occurs at […]
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