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Product Liability Attorney In Miami

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Product Liability Attorney In Miami

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Product Liability Attorney In Miami

Product Liability Attorney In MiamiWhen you buy or use any kind of product, you do so in the belief that the manufacturer has ensured that it is safe to use. From car parts and toys, to e-cigarettes and medication, our Product Liability Attorney In Miami have successfully recovered damages for people just like you who have been seriously injured when using a product in good faith.

Despite numerous legal rules and regulations outlining the safety standards to which all products manufactured or sold within the United States must comply, too many manufacturers continue to put their profits before the well-being of their customers, resulting in numerous avoidable injuries. Manufacturers are legally obligated to rigorously test all products to ensure they work as intended without posing a risk to users, prominently display warnings on potentially hazardous items, and to swiftly recall any which are found to be dangerous. However, all too often, this is not the case.

Because of this, thousands of defective products are released in Miami every year, with an average of 7 product recalls per day occurring in 2011 alone. Contact Product Liability Attorney In Miami today.

Examples of Defective Products Accidents Handled by a Miami Product Liability Attorney

With so many defective products discovered and recalled every day, our Miami defective product accident attorneys have successfully handled countless cases. Some examples of the lawsuits we have brought against negligent manufacturers, engineers, distributors and designers have included:

  • Lead-based paint used in children’s toys
  • Inadequate warnings about potential choking risks from children’s toys or equipment
  • Defective child car seats
  • Defective ignition locks
  • Defective tires
  • Recalled hip implants
  • Defectively designed car airbags
  • Defective and dangerous drugs and medication
  • Defective swimming pools and drains
  • Defective smoke alarms

Before your Miami defective products accident attorney can successfully recover monetary damages on your behalf, there are certain conditions which must be proven. Your lawyer will need to demonstrate that the manufacturer failed to:

  • Design the product in a way which meant it could operate safely and as intended
  • Use appropriate, hazard-free materials when constructing the product
  • Include adequate warnings and instructions where applicable
  • Maintain all machinery and factory equipment to a high standard
  • Foresee all plausible uses for the product in question
  • Foresee any defects or obvious flaws
  • Recall any product as soon as a defect becomes known

How a Miami defective product accident attorney can help you

When you or a loved one, have sustained injuries as a result of a defective product, it is strongly recommended that you seek legal representation from a Miami defective product attorney who is well-versed in successfully navigating the complexities of Florida product liability law.

There are three ways in which a product liability lawsuit may be handled, namely:

  • Negligence, where your lawyer demonstrates that your injury occurred due to the negligence of at least one of the parties involved in the manufacturing process
  • Strict liability, where your Miami defective products accident attorney seeks to prove that your injuries resulted from the product in question. Negligence does not need to be proven when this route is taken
  • Breach of warranty, which may be available following injuries sustained when using a product as intended

To discuss your case with an outstanding Miami defective product accident attorney, and find out how we could help you, schedule your free initial consultation by calling us today at (305) 949-2526.

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