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If you suffer a slip and fall injury, immediately report it to the property owner. Ensure that it is documented properly and follow the procedures put in place. You may need to contact a slip and fall attorney in Hallandale Beach. Here at the Dante Law Firm, we are ready to help you. Call at 305-949-2526.
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Jul 14, 2018
Slip and Fall Accidents
Slip and Fall Accidents Can Be Detrimental
Imagine walking down a city street, or perhaps a beach boardwalk, enjoying a day out with your family. The last thing you expect is to encounter a situation where you get injured. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents happen often and can have life altering consequences, even if the fall seemed minor at the time that […]
Jul 13, 2018
medical malpractice attorney
Hospital Overcrowding and Early Discharge
When you go to the hospital ER it is usually because you are experiencing a medical emergency. You expect to receive the appropriate level of care. While nobody wants to be admitted for a stay in the hospital, sometimes it is necessary so we can get better and get back to our families. Most doctors […]
Jul 07, 2018
medical malpractice Law
Is Falsification Of Medical Records Medical Malpractice In Florida?
For many people, it seems that the falsification of medical records automatically falls into the legal theory of medical malpractice, but that is not entirely true. The truth is, just because the words “medical records” include the word “medical” does not necessarily make every doctor who falsifies medical records liable under the theory of medical […]
Jul 06, 2018
after a slip and fall Accident
How To Take Pictures After A Slip And Fall Accident To Establish Liability And Win
If you do not have pictures, videos, or any other visual evidence, establishing fault in a slip and fall accident can be extremely difficult. The old adage says “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, how about, “a picture of a slip and fall accident is worth from tens to hundreds of thousands of […]
Jun 29, 2018
Car Accidents And Tourists In Florida: Are You Ready For The Summer?
An estimated over 115 million tourists come to Florida every year, making Florida one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And while more tourists in the area means more fun, it also means a sharp increase in the number of car accidents in Fort Lauderdale and all across the state. The influx […]
Jun 29, 2018
Summer Camp Personal Injuries
Summer Camp Injuries: How To Protect Your Children From Personal Injury
Summer camps are very dangerous for children: your kid can get bitten or stung by an animal or insect, they can broke their bones while playing outdoor sports or sustain burn injuries while roasting marshmallows. And while there is no denial that summer camps are fun and a much healthier alternative to spending the time […]
Jun 28, 2018
Report A Car Accident In Florida
How Long After A Car Accident Can You Report A Car Accident In Florida?
Under Florida law, you are required to report car accidents to police at the scene of the accident or immediately after the accident. But if you do not notify police at the scene, how many hours or days do you have to file a police report in Florida? This is a very common question we, […]
Jun 23, 2018
New Florida Legislation To Protect Drivers
Recently a bill that would replace one made in 1971 as a part of a no fault insurance automobile plan has failed to be passed in the legislative session. The details of the new law: This law attempted to override the current system where no fault applies. In the no fault system drivers are required […]
Jun 16, 2018
The New Motorcycle Helmet Law
Florida, the sunshine state has been declared the number one state when it comes to injuries and fatalities caused by scooters. Whilst people all across the United States use scooters as a cheap and efficient way to commute from A to B, thousands of tourists in Florida also rent them when on vacation or spring […]
Jun 15, 2018
Uber accident lawyer
Everything You Need To Know About Uber Accident Insurance Issues In Florida
As the popularity of ridesharing apps continues to rise tremendously in Florida and all across the United States, so does the occurrence of Uber accidents. As Uber accidents involving injuries and even deaths continue to grab national headlines, there are many misconceptions surrounding Uber accident claims and insurance issues. Turns out, that $1 million is […]
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