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Among being synonymous with heavy traffic, the Miami Dade area is also known for some of the most dangerous roads and highways in America.
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Oct 04, 2019
Dangerous Roads - Dante Law Firm
Miami Dade’s Most Dangerous Roads
Florida is known for more than just Disneyland and oranges. In fact, Florida is home to some of the most dangerous roads in the United States. 4 of the top 5 deadliest roads in the country are located in Florida. Because of this, Florida has a much higher fatal crash rate than any other state. What makes […]
Jul 23, 2019
Amusement Parks - Dante Law Firm
Hurt in a Florida Amusement Park Accident? What You Should Know
There are many great reasons to visit Florida — the endless sun, year-round warm weather, and gorgeous beaches are a few. On top of all of those things, Florida has enough amusement parks to keep visitors entertained for weeks. From Disney to Busch Gardens, there’s an amusement park to suit any taste. For all the excitement […]
Jul 05, 2019
questions to ask a personal injury lawyer
10 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Hiring
You never thought it would happen to you. You or a loved one is injured. You aren’t sure if you can work. What do you need to do next? We understand where you are coming from if you have suffered an injury. We also know what you should do. You need to speak to a […]
Nov 10, 2018
Halloween Crash Kills Two, One A 5-Year Old
Halloween night, a time when many kids and parents are out having fun, turning into tragedy for one Florida family. A father was out trick-or-treating with his two children and they had just entered a designated pedestrian crosswalk when a vehicle slammed into them at 45 mph. The collision killed the father and his 5-year-old […]
Sep 28, 2018
Hurricane Season
As Hurricane Leslie Nears, Follow These Safety Tips To Avoid Injuries During The Hurricane Season
As the end of hurricane season in Florida is just around the corner, Florida residents are bracing for the worst to come. While it may seem that the worst is already behind us, the truth is that the strongest period of hurricanes is yet to come, especially with reports indicating that tropical storm Leslie is […]
Sep 15, 2018
Follow your children on social media
Can You Recover Damages For Injures Caused By These Viral Challenges? (Ice Bucket Challenge, Tide Pod, In My Feelings)
We live in a world where teens and adults alike aspire to doing crazy and stupid things just to get more likes on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, to get more attention on social media, and to blend into the society. That is why from time to time, your Instagram or Facebook feed is full of […]
Sep 14, 2018
Defective Airbags
When the Product Can’t be Trusted
According to a 2014 census the state of Florida has over 20 million residents. Of those 20 million residents, there are over 14.2 millions registered cars. This does not include cars that aren’t registered and are still drivable. That is a lot of cars! When you think of that many cars, you think of all […]
Aug 10, 2018
Personal Injury Law
Is Delayed Onset of Pain Real?
Finding yourself in the middle of a car, truck, or motorcycle accident is never easy. There’s so much to worry about in the aftermath, including exchanging information, seeking medical care, and notifying the insurance company of the crash. You can add delayed onset of pain to the list of things to worry about after an […]
Aug 04, 2018
Tax return
Lawyer Explains How A Personal Injury Settlement Affects Your Taxes And How To Deduct Medical Expenses From Tax Return
An injury can affect not only your standard of living and earning capacity, but also your tax status. You get injured, you prove the other party’s fault, and you get a personal injury settlement. The process seems very simple and straightforward, yet most people do not realize what really goes into the process of recovering […]
Jun 29, 2018
Summer Camp Personal Injuries
Summer Camp Injuries: How To Protect Your Children From Personal Injury
Summer camps are very dangerous for children: your kid can get bitten or stung by an animal or insect, they can broke their bones while playing outdoor sports or sustain burn injuries while roasting marshmallows. And while there is no denial that summer camps are fun and a much healthier alternative to spending the time […]
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