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Jun 16, 2018
The New Motorcycle Helmet Law
Florida, the sunshine state has been declared the number one state when it comes to injuries and fatalities caused by scooters. Whilst people all across the United States use scooters as a cheap and efficient way to commute from A to B, thousands of tourists in Florida also rent them when on vacation or spring […]
Sep 04, 2015
Motorcycle Accidents Result in Fatalities and Serious Injuries Leaving Victims and Families Struggling
Two young men lost their lives when the motorcycles they were riding crashed into the same vehicle, in the southbound lane of U.S. 27. The vehicle and the motorcycles were traveling southbound, approximately half a mile south of Pembroke Road. One of the motorcyclists was pronounced dead at the scene, while the other died later […]
Mar 05, 2015
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Miami
Understanding Motorcycle Accident Dynamics in Miami
Miami is one of the best places in the United States to ride a motorcycle. After all, it offers year round motorcycle riding weather and beautiful ocean views. If you are a motorcyclist in Miami, it is important to understand the dangers you face and the dynamics that are involved in a motorcycle accident. Across […]
Dec 17, 2014
Motorcycle Accidents
How do Motorcycle Accidents Happen? See for Yourself!
If you would like to see a collection of the luckiest motorcycle crashes caught on camera, click the video below. Be aware that while these motorcyclists miraculously escaped death, the contents nonetheless are graphic and, in some cases, disturbing. The fact is that motorcycle accidents are among the most deadly of all accidents. While those […]
Dec 17, 2014
Motorcycle Accidents
Do Red Lights Cause Motorcycle Accidents?
For all vehicles, red-light/intersection crashes are more likely to occur than any other type of crash, causing injuries and death. In fact, a driver runs a red light at an urban intersection approximately every 20 minutes. The leading excuse for running red lights is “I was in a hurry,” which puts forth the concept that […]
Sep 18, 2014
Are Motorcyclists Who Don’t Wear Helmets Partly to Blame for Their Injuries?
Do Motorcycle Helmets Save Lives? According to the Center for Disease Control, in 2010, 42% of motorcyclists who suffered fatal injuries were not wearing a helmet. On average, states with motorcycle helmet laws save eight times more biker’s lives per 100,000 riders, compared to states without a helmet law. In the same way that those […]
Aug 27, 2014
motorcycle accident
10 Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident in Miami, Florida
Motorcycle accidents in North Miami Beach, Hallandale Beach, Miami, or anywhere in the South Florida Tri-county area are often catastrophic and require the skills and experience of a motorcycle accident attorney. The steps you take in the moments following a motorcycle accident can greatly affect your ability to file a claim and the compensation you […]
Jul 28, 2014
Motorcycle Accident
Get Your Motorcycle Back FAST after an Accident
Miami motorcyclists have the benefit of year-round motorcycling. Unlike other states, motorcyclists can ride into the winter and beyond without worry. This means, however, that the likelihood of being involved in a motorcycle accident is a little greater. Even
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