Holiday Shopping And Driving Safety Tips To Avoid Car Accidents, Robberies And Assaults
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Dec 14, 2018
Driving Safety Tips
Holiday Shopping And Driving Safety Tips To Avoid Car Accidents, Robberies And Assaults
These days, millions of American consumers are flooding shopping malls all across the nation in an effort to find the best Christmas presents for their family members and friends (or themselves). That means Americans have to drive lots of miles to get to their favorite shopping mall, even if it means driving to a mall […]
Nov 30, 2018
Hit And Run Accident
Hit And Run Driver Injures Two People
Last week, police were searching for a suspect who caused a multi-vehicle crash and then took off on foot. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, there were four vehicles involved in a crash at Okeechobee Road and Northwest 118th Avenue. They say that a dark Infiniti SUV collided with a Toyota SUV leading to a […]
Nov 24, 2018
DUI Car Crash
Miami Reserve Police Officer Involved In DUI Accident
Milton Roy Lovett, a Miami Police reserve officer, should know better. He was arrested last week in Miramar on DUI charges stemming from an accident that he caused. Not only that, but he resisted arrest with violence, say Miramar police officers. Officers say they received a call from a motorist who said he was struck […]
Nov 16, 2018
Car accident
Wrong Way Crash Kills One, Injures Three
A wrong-way crash just outside of Miramar, in Pembroke Pines, killed one person and sent three to the hospital with serious injuries. The accident happened last Monday night just east of US 27. Police say that 23-year-old Flavia Pinto was driving his Honda down the wrong side of the road when she struck a Nissan […]
Oct 19, 2018
Car Accident Attorney Miramar
Plywood Flies Off Truck, Slices Into Windshield
When you head out in your vehicle for your day, we know that getting into an accident is the last thing on your mind. Sure, you know it could happen, but you do everything you can to drive safely. Unfortunately, you cannot control other driver’s behavior. Sometimes, their negligence is what can cause you harm. […]
Sep 29, 2018
car accident
A Girl Was Killed and 7 Injured
Recently, we came across a tragic story that we cannot get off of our minds. Someone ran a stop sign in our county and ended up killing a 12-year-old girl and injuring seven others. When that day started, nobody involved in this accident knew how much their lives would change. They certainly did not expect […]
Sep 22, 2018
Car Accident Attorney
Do I Need A Miami Car Accident Attorney In A No-Fault Insurance State Like Florida?
Florida is one of the no-fault insurance states in our country, which means all drivers in the state are required to cover their own injuries and damages after an accident rather than insuring to pay out to the other person involved in the accident. For those dipping their toe in Florida’s auto insurance waters, Florida […]
Sep 01, 2018
small children accident
Small Children Hospitalized After Local Car Accident
Four young children, ranging in ages from 2 years old to 10 years old, remain in the hospital following a traffic collision south of Miami. Their mother, Lori Parsons, stated that she was traveling home from a local discount store when another car came barreling toward her vehicle after she took her turn at a […]
Jul 20, 2018
car accident attorney
Back And Neck Injury After A Miami Car Accident (What Your Medical Diagnosis Might Say About Your Condition)
A whopping more than 50,000 car accidents occur in Miami every year, leaving tens of thousands of people injured. Back and neck injuries account for the vast majority of these injuries, as they tend to be one of the most sensitive areas of the human body when exposed to a jerking movement or sudden force. […]
Jun 29, 2018
Car Accidents And Tourists In Florida: Are You Ready For The Summer?
An estimated over 115 million tourists come to Florida every year, making Florida one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And while more tourists in the area means more fun, it also means a sharp increase in the number of car accidents in Fort Lauderdale and all across the state. The influx […]
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