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Jul 23, 2019
Amusement Parks - Dante Law Firm
Hurt in a Florida Amusement Park Accident? What You Should Know
There are many great reasons to visit Florida — the endless sun, year-round warm weather, and gorgeous beaches are a few. On top of all of those things, Florida has enough amusement parks to keep visitors entertained for weeks. From Disney to Busch Gardens, there’s an amusement park to suit any taste. For all the excitement […]
Jul 05, 2019
questions to ask a personal injury lawyer
10 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Hiring
You never thought it would happen to you. You or a loved one is injured. You aren’t sure if you can work. What do you need to do next? We understand where you are coming from if you have suffered an injury. We also know what you should do. You need to speak to a […]
Dec 15, 2018
Cargo Theft
What’s Behind The Uptick In Trucking Cargo Theft During The Holidays, And How To Prevent It?
If you ordered Christmas gifts for your family members and friends online and are waiting for the delivery to arrive at your doorstep, do not be surprised if your delivery gets stolen on its way to your doorstep. Yes, we are talking about trucking cargo theft, which is a very common phenomenon during the holiday […]
Dec 14, 2018
Driving Safety Tips
Holiday Shopping And Driving Safety Tips To Avoid Car Accidents, Robberies And Assaults
These days, millions of American consumers are flooding shopping malls all across the nation in an effort to find the best Christmas presents for their family members and friends (or themselves). That means Americans have to drive lots of miles to get to their favorite shopping mall, even if it means driving to a mall […]
Dec 08, 2018
wrongful death Claims
Experiencing Wrongful Death
If you have experienced the death of a loved one due to the negligence, recklessness, or willfulness of some person or company , then please know that all our attorneys and staff at Dante Law Firm send our sincerest condolences. Our Miami Wrongful Death Attorneys understand the extreme emotional stress you and your loved ones […]
Dec 07, 2018
Medical Malpractice Attorney
How To Make a Medical Malpractice Claim?
Medical Malpractice is a legal term used to explain when a person is injured due to a medical professions breach of care. The medical professional is a broad term that includes more than just the doctor. Medical professionals include nurses, care workers, nurses, psychiatrists, medical technicians, the hospital, and others. It is important to keep […]
Dec 01, 2018
Charged In Death
Miami-Dade Police Officer Charged In Death
Two weeks ago, prosecutors brought charges against a Miami-Dade police officer in the death of Emilio Jesus Vizcaino eight months ago. The accident has been under investigation ever since it occurred. Police have determined that Officer Jon Song was driving at almost double the speed limit when he ran a stop sign and struck the […]
Nov 30, 2018
Hit And Run Accident
Hit And Run Driver Injures Two People
Last week, police were searching for a suspect who caused a multi-vehicle crash and then took off on foot. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, there were four vehicles involved in a crash at Okeechobee Road and Northwest 118th Avenue. They say that a dark Infiniti SUV collided with a Toyota SUV leading to a […]
Nov 24, 2018
DUI Car Crash
Miami Reserve Police Officer Involved In DUI Accident
Milton Roy Lovett, a Miami Police reserve officer, should know better. He was arrested last week in Miramar on DUI charges stemming from an accident that he caused. Not only that, but he resisted arrest with violence, say Miramar police officers. Officers say they received a call from a motorist who said he was struck […]
Nov 23, 2018
Miami pedestrian accident attorney
Driver Causes 3 Hit-And-Run Crashes
There were many people that had no idea their lives were going to change last week when they started their day. They had no idea that John William Fernandez, a man with a suspended license, was about to cause three hit-and-run accidents. Florida Highway Patrol says that Fernandez hit two vehicles before the third, and […]
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