How to Approach a Grocery Store Slip and Fall
If you are failing to prove an owner’s negligence can be a contributing factor in losing a case. Contact a Miami slip and fall attorney from the Dante Law Firm has the experience to seek compensation on your behalf. Give us a call at 305-949-2526.
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Oct 13, 2018
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How to Approach a Grocery Store Slip and Fall
How many times a year do you make a trip to the grocery store? Most would probably say a few too many. Grocery shopping is rarely someone’s favorite way to spend an evening. The florescent lights, the crowded isles, that item on the list that you just can’t find—grocery stores can be flat out annoying. […]
Aug 18, 2018
Are You Entitled To Compensation After A Slip And Fall Accident If You Were Distracted?
About 2 million Americans are treated in emergency rooms caused by slip and fall accidents annually. We are in what can be called a slip and fall epidemic that affect a large number of Americans every year. Luckily, Florida law allows you to seek compensation for your injuries under the legal theory of premises liability. […]
Jul 06, 2018
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How To Take Pictures After A Slip And Fall Accident To Establish Liability And Win
If you do not have pictures, videos, or any other visual evidence, establishing fault in a slip and fall accident can be extremely difficult. The old adage says “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, how about, “a picture of a slip and fall accident is worth from tens to hundreds of thousands of […]
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