Motorcyclist Loses Leg In Accident
It is not uncommon for a motorcycle accident victim to have head trauma, even if they are wearing a helmet. As you can imagine, drunk and distracted drivers pose significant dangers to motorcyclists, as they often cause collisions at high speeds. You can hire a Miami motorcycle accident attorney for a free consultation.
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Nov 17, 2018
motorcycle accident attorney
Motorcyclist Loses Leg In Accident
A motorcyclist in critical condition and has lost a leg after an accident last month on Interstate 95. Authorities say that Kevin Crosby, 31, was riding his motorcycle when he fell onto the roadway. While they are not sure why the initial accident happened, they do know that he slid underneath the rear wheels of […]
Jul 28, 2018
Motorcyclists In The Personal Injury System
Injustice And Bias Against Motorcyclists In The Personal Injury System: Why Is This Happening?
If you have been injured in a Florida motorcycle accident as a biker, it seems that the worst is behind you, right? Well, wrong! If you choose to pursue compensation for your injuries, you are about to encounter the injustice and bias of insurance companies and their adjusters, juries and judges, against motorcyclists. But you […]
Jun 08, 2018
motorcycle accident attorney
How A Motorcycle Accident Can Ruin Your Career And Life (And How To Get Compensation For It)
If you are riding a motorcycle in Miami or elsewhere in Florida, you have to assume the risk of injury and disability. Unfortunately, catastrophic injuries and motorcycle accidents are practically synonymous, and yet many riders fail to realize what kind of impact getting injured in a motorcycle crash can have on their career and life. […]
May 04, 2018
motorcycle accident
What Types Of Damages Can Be Recovered In A Motorcycle Accident?
An increasing number of people in Miami and all across Florida are ditching cars in favor of motorcycles. They are fast, compact, relatively affordable, and cool. The only problem is that they are quite dangerous. It is the thrill and the inexplicable feeling of freedom that people are most excited about when riding motorcycles. “I […]
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