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Anytime a life of someone you love is lost, the emotional suffering can be devastating. This suffering is only amplified by knowing that you lost someone due to the negligence of another. A wrongful death occurs when someone is killed from the negligent behavior, reckless actions, or intentional acts of another.

When your loved one is lost to drowning, the sinking grief can be overwhelming. If your loved one drowned due to the negligence of others, you likely have hard questions that need to be answered. Knowing what constitutes a wrongful drowning accident and common Florida wrongful death laws can begin to answer some of these questions. However, you may want to seek a Miami wrongful death drowning accident attorney to have your questions answered on a personalized level.

Important Florida Wrongful Death Laws

Having knowledge of common Florida wrongful death may help you obtain some clarity about you next decision. It is definitely essential to have an understanding of who can act as a representative in a wrongful death claim. Suitable representatives in wrongful death claims include the children, parents, or spouses of the deceased. In certain circumstances, relatives who are not part of the immediate family can serve as personal representative.

In any claim, knowing the statute of limitations is vital. Florida has a statute of limitation that last two years after the incident. Another important piece of knowledge is knowing what forms of compensation as a result of damages can be included.

Damages from wrongful death claims can comprise of the funeral and burial costs the family had to pay. Monetary contributions of the deceased that were  lost, as well as anticipated future losses, can be compensated. both since the incident and in the future, as a result of the wrongful death can also be awarded. Claims can also cover the medical bills that family had to pay that were associated with the death. Nonmaterial things like emotional suffering and the loss of parenting and spousal roles the decedent provided are also covered.

Facts and Causes of Wrongful Death Drowning Accidents

Losing someone to a drowning caused by another’s negligent behavior is a traumatic experience. The most obvious negligent cause of drowning is if another person’s physical acts caused a drowning.

A wrongful death claim can also be made due to negligent monitoring of a water property. Negligent behavior includes failing to have lifeguards on duty or failing to follow mandated regulations.

Boating accidents are another common cause of wrongful drowning deaths. As with operating any vehicle, negligent driving can occur from operating a boat while inebriated or driving in an irresponsible manner.

What You Should Do Next After a Wrongful Death Drowning Accident

Surviving the consequences of losing a loved one is incredibly challenging. We believe financial suffering should not be included. If you recently lost a loved one due to the negligence of others, you should consider a Miami wrongful death drowning accident attorney. Our Attorneys at the Dante Law Firm, P.A. are here to help in the difficult times ahead. For a consultation, contact us at this link or give us a call at 305-949-2526.

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