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Lowes Accident Attorney in Miami, FL

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    Lowes Accident Attorney in Miami, FL

    Lowes Accident Attorney in Miami, FL

    Lowes Accident Attorney in MiamiMillions of shoppers head to Lowes each year because they know they’ll be able to find everything they need to get their home improvement projects completed. If you’ve been to a Lowes store, then you know how massive they are, with an endless amount of tools and materials. But what happens if you are injured at a Lowes store because of someone else’s negligence?

    Unfortunately, sometimes the property owners and employees are careless, leading to situations that get people hurt. If you need a Lowes Accident Attorney in Miami, you can count on the Dante Law Firm to be by your side. Contact us today.

    At The Store

    Business owners have a responsibility to keep their property safe. Anytime you go to a store, you have the expectation that it will be free from hazardous conditions that could harm you. While most owners, managers, and employees do their jobs well, sometimes they get careless.

    • Slip and fall accident are some of the most common ways people get hurt. In a Lowes store, spills of water, paint, or other chemicals should be cleaned immediately or blocked off so they will not pose a hazard. Also, when saw dust collects on stone floors, they can become slippery. Saw dust should be cleaned immediately.
    • All items on the shelves should be secured so they cannot come sliding down and injure someone. Also, for items that are higher up, there needs to be signage telling customers to seek assistance to get them down.
    • From paint thinners to lawn materials, there are plenty of chemicals that can cause harm in Lowes. All chemicals should be properly stored and not opened. If they aren’t, customers could breathe them in or get them on their skin.
    • Heavy items need to be secured so they cannot fall on customers. Items like dryers, washing machines, sinks, lawn boulders, and more can all cause serious damage if they tip over, especially if they are elevated at all.
    • There are plenty of sharp objects around a Lowes store. Many of them are typical, like saw blades and knives, but others, like the edge of metal roofs and sheet metal, may not be secured properly.

    There are over 2,300 Lowes stores in the country, so you can be sure they have a team of legal experts to help them if someone gets hurt on their property. They will work to blame you for your own injuries. Who will fight for you?

    If You’re Injured

    We don’t think it’s fair that someone else’s negligence should jeopardize your financial livelihood. If you are injured, and need a Lowes accident lawyer, the Dante Law Firm is ready to stand up for you. We want to make sure you get compensation for your medical bills, any income you lose because you cannot work, as well as pain and suffering damages. Your focus needs to be on healing and being with your family. Our focus is getting you paid. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation.

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