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Truck Accident Attorney In Hollywood. Dante Law Firm has a team standing by ready to help. We know this can be a confusing process. Contact us today.
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Truck Accident Attorney In Hollywood, FL

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Truck Accident Attorney In Hollywood, FL

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Truck Accident Attorney In Hollywood, FL

Wrongful Death Truck Accident Attorney In MiamiWe know, we’ve had the same thought – get away from the big truck on the road.

We’re talking about the large, eighteen-wheeler kind of trucks that have signs on them telling drivers to stay back a few hundred feet. While most of the time these trucks go by with no problem at all, sometimes accidents happen.

What if you are hurt in a large truck accident and it was someone else’s fault?

If you need a Truck Accident Attorney In Hollywood, the Dante Law Firm has a team standing by ready to help. We know this can be a confusing process, but we will make sure you are compensated fairly. Contact us today.

Usually Safe, But Not Always

  • Log-hauling trucks
  • Moving Trucks
  • Delivery trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Cement trucks

Those are just a few of the kinds of large trucks that travel Florida roadways.

The most common way that you usually hear about large truck accidents is usually with a tire blow out. Sometimes, it is just the tire that flies off into a vehicle, causing an accident. Other times, it causes the entire truck to lose control and crash, creating a potential mass casualty situation.

Why did the tire blow? Was it because the driver or company failed to regularly inspect the truck?

You see, most of the large trucks you see on the roadway are owned by a company. Whether large or small, the company should regularly inspect and maintain their trucks to prevent accidents. If they don’t, major problems could occur. We already discussed the tire problem, but if the engine or brakes fail, a driver may lose control of the truck.

Companies should be held liable if their trucks cause damage or injuries.

Driver should also follow all regulations and laws. This includes observing the amount of hours they are allowed to drive in a day to prevent them from falling asleep at the wheel.

This also means that the drivers should not drive impaired by alcohol or distracted by their phones or other devices.

When a large truck hits a passenger vehicle, it can cause massive damage and major injuries. Treatment after a collision with a large truck could end up costing you money, and not just with medical expenses.

What if you have to miss work?

What if you have a short or long-term disability?

Will insurance cover all of your expenses?

What To Do

Your focus needs to be on getting healed after your injury, not on how to pay for your medical and other expenses. If the insurance companies are not offering you enough, you will need a truck accident attorney in Hollywood. The Dante Law Firm will stand by your side, making sure that nobody can take advantage of you. We know you will need compensation for more that just medical expenses. We know how to get it for you. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation of your case.

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