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If you need a oduct Liability Accident Attorney in Hollywood, you can count on the Dante Law Firm. Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys are ready
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Product Liability Accident Attorney in Hollywood, FL


Product Liability Accident Attorney in Hollywood, FL

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Product Liability Accident Attorney in Hollywood, FL

Product Liability Accident Attorney in HollywoodThe simple act of making your coffee means you are using more products than you realize.

  • Coffee
  • Coffee maker
  • Cup or thermos
  • Coffee filter
  • Creamer
  • Sugar

You start your day by using hundreds of products and you don’t think twice about it. We all usually just assume that the items we use are safe. But what happens if one of them is defective?

If you need a Product Liability Accident Attorney in Hollywood, you can count on the Dante Law Firm. Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys are ready to stand by your side to get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today.

Recall? Maybe

You hear about recalls on products all the time, but do you take a moment to consider what that means? A recall is when a product has been widely distributed and only later found to be faulty in some way.

How many people have been hurt by the product at this point?

What about the products that aren’t recalled?

Here is a brief description of how most product liability cases arise:

  1. Poorly Designed – the product was not well designed to begin with, made in a way that can cause injury or illness to the consumer.
  2. Manufacturing Problem – somewhere during the manufacturing process, the product was altered from its original design making it dangerous to consumers. This could affect just some of the product or all produced products.
  3. Improper Labeling – this includes not warning consumers of all hazards associated with a product (choking hazards, burn hazards, medication side effects, allergens present). This also includes not putting the appropriate dosage requirements on a medication.

A quick look at a government site dedicated to tracking recalls reveals instances of product liability, many of which go unnoticed by the public.

  • Cookies recalled after being served at restaurants because they had undeclared peanuts in them. (Labeling Problem)
  • Valsartan tablets recalled because they may contain carcinogens. (Design Problem)
  • Electric toothbrush that has a charging base that overheats. (Design or Manufacturing Problem)

Medical Emergencies

Faulty products can cause major injuries or illnesses. When they do, the manufacturers should be held responsible. These products can cause major medical bills for the people injured.

Product liability cases are hard to prove and you can be certain that the company will have teams of lawyers lined up to protect them. That doesn’t mean you can’t fight back.

How To Move Forward

Faulty products should never make it to the market, but they are prevalent. While manufacturers usually don’t mean to cause harm, sometimes their negligence has serious consequences for our health. If you need a Hollywood product liability attorney, turn to the experts at the Dante Law Firm. We want to make sure that you are taken care of if you are harmed or become ill because of a faulty product. This means getting you enough money to cover medical expenses, lost income if you have to miss work, as well as pain and suffering damages. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation.

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