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Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Hollywood. If you need a pedestrian accident attorney in Hollywood, contact the Dante Law Firm today.
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Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Hollywood, FL


Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Hollywood, FL

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Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Hollywood, FL

Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Hollywood FloridaHow can anything be safer than walking or jogging?

Think about how many places you walk or jog during the week. Some people are regular exercise joggers, while others enjoy an evening stroll with their dogs. But even if you aren’t a regular walker, you may be surprised how often you could be in danger.

From your vehicle into the grocery store and back.

Down the block from work to go to lunch.

Going to check the mail.

Unfortunately, any time you are out and around other vehicles, you could get hurt by a careless driver. If you need a Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Hollywood, contact the Dante Law Firm today.

Serious Injuries

What kind of injuries happen in a pedestrian accident?

  • Dislocations and fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Amputations
  • Internal organ damage
  • Soft tissue damage

And those are just the physical injuries. People who suffer pedestrian accidents are much more likely to experience emotional and psychological trauma that can take years to heal.

The Numbers

Florida can be a crowded place, especially in the summer. Each year in the state, there are around 9,000 pedestrian accidents.

Most of them result in a death or injury.

In the latest reporting year, there were 7,796 injuries and 667 injuries in pedestrian accidents.

Why do over 80 percent of these types of accidents result in injury or death?

Because our bodies are very susceptible to injuries. We are not made to handle the impact that happens when a vehicle slams into us, much less the second impact with the ground.

The larger the vehicle, the greater the damage.

How They Happen

Pedestrian accidents happen in much the same way other vehicle accidents happen, they just have more damaging consequences.

Often, a driver is not paying attention when they are backing out of a parking space. Parking lots can be dangerous for pedestrians, particularly children and the elderly.

Distracted and impaired drivers are the main dangers to pedestrians. If a driver is looking at their device, they may not see someone walking nearby. Even at slow speeds, vehicles can cause major damage to a human body.

Drunk drivers have no business being on the roadway and are a danger to everyone around them. Not only should drunk drivers be held accountable for their reckless behavior, but so should anyone who continued to serve them if they were visibly impaired at a bar or restaurant.

Moving Forward

Recovering from an accident needs to be your number one concern, but it is hard to focus on healing if you have to worry about how to pay your bills. When you need a Hollywood pedestrian accident attorney, the Dante Law Firm will be by your side. We know that insurance may not cover all of your expenses, and that is not fair, especially if another driver’s negligence has caused you harm. We’ll make sure you have enough to cover more than just your medical expenses. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation.

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