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“I did not expect to get hurt this badly.”

Usually when people think of workplace accidents, they think about minor cuts or burns. Unfortunately, they are often much worse.

We count on workers’ compensation insurance to keep us going if we get hurt at work. But what if your claim is denied?

What if you are fired for reporting an injury?

We want you to know that the Dante Law Firm has your back. When you need a workers’ compensation attorney in Hallandale Beach, our team will make sure you are treated fairly and that you get the compensation you need to survive. We know your family depends on you.

Why Get Denied?

You may wonder why workers’ compensation would deny your claim, or worse, why an employer would fire you for reporting an injury.

The answer is simple – money. The more claims they have, the higher their premiums will be. That is not fair to you.

Workplace accidents are more common that people think. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were nearly three million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported in 2016, the latest full reporting year.

You probably think about traumatic injuries, and you would be correct in assuming they account for many of the claims.

Burns and lacerations are common in the restaurant industry. The construction industry even has the OSHA “fatal four” which include: falls, getting struck by objects, electrocutions, and getting caught in-between objects.

We want to mention some lesser-known types of workplace injuries.

Repetitive stress injuries are very common in the workplace and happen when a worker repeats the same motion over and over again for a period of time. These injuries are harder to diagnose because their symptoms often show up over the course of months or even years. Getting denied for an injury claim when you have an RSI can be detrimental because these injuries can disable a person.

Mental health illnesses often arise in workers in high-stress jobs and they can be debilitating. Cases of depression, anxiety, and PTSD should all be taken seriously as a workplace injury.

Respiratory illnesses can be caused by prolonged exposure to chemicals, fumes, and dust particles. The illnesses that arise sometimes take years to manifest and are often the result of a lack of proper respiratory equipment on the job.

Any workplace injury should be eligible for coverage.

Moving Forward

Don’t settle for less compensation than you deserve. The Dante Law Firm believes that everyone has the right to workers’ compensation insurance if they get hurt at work. That is part of the deal of being employed. If you are denied, we will have your back. We know that injuries cost money and will work to ensure you have enough money to pay for your medical expenses as well as any income you lose because you cannot work. For a Hallandale Beach workers’ compensation attorney, you can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation.

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