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Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Victims of Motorcycle Accidents in North Miami Beach, North Miami, Miami and Miami Gardens

We know you enjoy the freedom of getting on the seat of a motorcycle and riding off down the road. We also know the Florida has plenty of motorcycle owners. If you are one of them, we know you take all the necessary steps to be safe when you are on the roadway.

But you can’t control the actions of other drivers. Do you know what to do if a reckless driver causes you harm when you are on your motorcycle?

You can contact the Dante Law Firm for knowledgeable and experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in North Miami Beach. We will work to ensure you get the compensation you deserve to cover your expenses.

Major Injuries

When you are on your motorcycle, you know there are risks. Motorcyclists do not have the same kind of protections that passenger vehicle drivers do. No metal frame, no airbags.

When a two-thousand-pound vehicle slams into a motorcycle, the cyclist is hit twice – once by the vehicle and once by the ground. That is double the chance of injury.

All of these are possibilities and some of those injuries can sideline you for a long time. If your injury requires surgery or long-term rehabilitation, you may not be able to work. You may even end up with a long-term disability, permanently altering your lifestyle.

Careless Drivers

Drivers who are impaired by drugs are alcohol pose the biggest threat to motorcyclists. Also, drivers who are distracted by their phones and other devices tend to take their eyes off the road. This can be deadly to motorcycle riders.

During the latest reporting year, 2016, Florida saw more than 10,000 motorcycle accidents. Out of those accidents, 515 people died and over 8,000 were injured. Looking at those numbers, it seems that most motorcycle crashes involved an injury or wrongful death.

We know that is scary for you.

In the aftermath of a motorcycle crash, insurance companies will contact you and try to settle quickly. Do not speak with them if you suspect gross negligence on the other driver’s part. You may be eligible for more than what the insurance companies initially offer. You will need compensation for the following:

  • Vehicle damages
  • Medical expenses (current and long-term)
  • Lost income if you have to miss work
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Punitive damages against the other driver

You can’t do this without the right legal team backing you up.

What To Do Now

If you are hit by a careless driver while riding your motorcycle, don’t waste any time seeking legal advice. The insurance companies will push for a quick settlement, but that may not be in your best interest. At the Dante Law Firm, our North Miami Beach motorcycle accident attorneys will work with you to ensure you are properly taken care of. We won’t stop until you are compensated fairly. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation.

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