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Owning a motorcycle is a great experience. Riding on one can give you a freedom that you just can’t get from the inside of a car or truck. Having a motorcycle is also a big responsibility, and we know you take it seriously. You want to be safe when you’re on the road, which is why motorcycle owners take the time to get a special license, insure themselves, and drive carefully.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen. No matter how safe you are on your motorcycle, you can’t control the actions of other drivers on the road. If you’ve been in a crash, you may need a motorcycle attorney in Miramar. The Dante Law Firm is ready to help you through the process.

Owning a Motorcycle

People use motorcycles for different reasons. For many, they got their motorcycle for leisure purposes. They use their regular vehicle for commutes to work and routine driving, but they get out their motorcycle when they want to enjoy the road and spend some time feeling the air pass by.

Other people use their motorcycles as their main mode of transportation. They put in some serious miles on two wheels, getting to and from work or the store.

For many, owning a motorcycle is a family affair, maybe a husband and wife riding team. There are many “bike weeks” throughout the US that celebrate motorcycle ownership, places where thousands of bike owners can gather.

Regardless of how you use your motorcycle and how safe you try to be, accidents can happen, especially considering that there are nearly 9 million motorcycles on the road in this country.

A Sudden Impact

Motorcyclists simply do not have the same kind of protections that people in regular vehicles do. No metal vehicle frame, no airbags, no seatbelts. Getting into a motorcycle accident can lead to serious injuries. Florida leads the nation in motorcycle accident fatalities.Across the country, motorcyclists accounted for 14 percent of all traffic fatalities. Those are just fatalities, not the injuries that did not result in death.

If you get into a motorcycle accident, your medical bills can pile up fast and, if you are forced to miss work, your family’s well-being could be in jeopardy. If another driver was at fault in the accident, you shouldn’t be on the line for your expenses.

What To Do

Getting into a motorcycle accident is scary.Please make sure all of your medical emergencies are handled appropriately. Even seemingly minor injuries can hide internal complications, so always get examined by a doctor. Get copies of all reports, from police files to the insurance information of all parties involved.

After that, you may need a Miramar motorcycle accident attorney. The Dante Law Firm is ready to help you navigate issues of who was at fault as well as insurance claims. Avoid speaking to insurance companies until you have all the facts available and have examined all of your options. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526.

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