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Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Sunny Isles Beach, FL

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Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Sunny Isles Beach, FL

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Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Sunny Isles BeachHave you ever really thought about how much you are out walking? Sure, some people are regular walkers or joggers, taking in some exercise or leisure, but there are other times that you are out of your vehicle as well.

We know the last thing you think about is getting hit, but it happens. It happens as people walk across parking lots or intersections. It happens when people are walking their dogs.

Pedestrian accidents can cause serious harm and leave you wondering what to do. When you need a pedestrian accident attorney in Sunny Isles Beach, turn to the Dante Law Firm. We will make sure that you do not have to worry about how to pay your bills if someone else’s negligence has caused you harm. Contact us today.

A Walking Place

Sunny Isles Beach, like much of this part of Florida, is a place conducive to walking. The sunny weather and great sights are just a few reasons to get out there and walk or jog.

But there are also dangers all around. Florida sees an average of 9,000 pedestrian accidents a year. Most of these result in an injury or death. In the latest reporting year, there were:

  • 7,796 pedestrian accident injuries
  • 667 pedestrian accident fatalities

Those are some scary statistics. The human body is no match for a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds, so if a careless or reckless driver is around you, you could be in danger.

The Causes

Some people just do not look behind them when they are backing out of a parking space. If you are walking through a parking lot and a vehicle backs into you, you could get seriously hurt. Even at slow speeds, you could get pinned under a vehicle or in-between two vehicles.

This can cause compartment syndrome, a dangerous internal injury.

At higher speeds, distracted drivers become large weapons. If they are looking down at their phones to check directions or read a text message, they likely will not see a person walking or jogging near them until it is too late.

Drunk drivers will always be a hazard to those around them, especially pedestrians. Even if you are walking on a sidewalk or near the roadway, an impaired driver could be a danger to you.

There is no reason that another person’s negligence should mean that you have to suffer financially. After an injury, your focus needs to be on healing.

How To Move Forward

We know that you are worried about how to care for yourself and your family, but we can help. At the Dante Law Firm, our pedestrian accident attorneys in Sunny Isles Beach are ready to take your case. Insurance companies do not always offer enough compensation to cover medical expenses after an accident, much less enough to cover your lost income if you cannot work. If someone else has cause you harm, we are here. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation.

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