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Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Opa-Locka. If you need an Opa-Locka motorcycle accident lawyer, the Dante Law firm has the experienced team you need.
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Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Opa-Locka, FL

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Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Opa-Locka, FL

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Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Opa-Locka, FL

Motorcycle Accident In Opa-LockaSure, Opa-Locka is a small town, but in and around it, there are plenty of places to ride your motorcycle. If you are a motorcycle owner, we know how much you enjoy getting out there and enjoying the freedom of a cycle ride. Florida is second in the nation when it comes to motorcycle ownership, so we know you aren’t alone.

But do you know what to do it you get hit by another driver when you are out riding?

If you need an Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Opa-Locka, the Dante Law firm has the experienced team you need. We will work to ensure you are properly compensated after an accident. Contact us today.

Where Accidents Happen

Motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere, a high and low speeds.

  • 34 percent happen at intersections
  • 66 percent happen at non-intersections

In Florida, there are around 10,000 motorcycle accidents a year. In 2016, 8,256 people were injured and 515 people were killed as a result of motorcycle accidents. For most motorcycle accidents, someone is hurt or killed.

The Outcomes

The injury and fatality rate for people on a motorcycle at the time of an accident is much higher than for passenger vehicle accidents.


Motorcyclists simply don’t have much protection from vehicles and the roadway. Yes, helmet use does cut down on fatalities and head injuries, but it doesn’t stop other injures from happening.

Minor injuries can include road rash and broken bones. Major injuries include internal organ damage, spinal cord injuries, and head trauma. These could require surgery to repair.

They could also mean long rehabilitation as well as permanent disabilities.

The cost of hospital stays and continued care after a motorcycle accident can become tremendous. If the injured person is unable to work while they heal, lost income could jeopardize their financial livelihood.

The Cause

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by careless motorists on the roadway who do not pay attention to motorcycles around them. If they are following them too closely or not paying attention, particularly at intersections, they could cause harm to cyclists.

Drivers are much more likely to cause an accident if they are distracted by their phones or impaired by alcohol. This kind of negligent driving behavior is more likely to kill those on a motorcycle that anyone else on the road.

If You Get Hurt

We know you didn’t plan on getting into an accident when you took your motorcycle out, but the Dante Law Firm wants to help. If someone else’s negligence caused you harm, we know that your medical bills and other expenses can pile up quickly and insurance settlements may not cover all of the expenses. When you need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Opa-Locka, we’re here for you. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation. We’ll work to get compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income if you have to miss work
  • Pain and suffering damages

Let us handle the hard part while you focus on healing.

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