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North Miami Beach Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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We know there’s no stopping you from getting on a bicycle and enjoying a ride around town. North Miami Beach is filled with beautiful places to ride, especially when you get past the heat. Sometimes, you just can’t take in enough fresh air from inside a vehicle.

But what happens if a careless driver hits you while you are out riding?

Do you know what to do?

If you need a North Miami Beach bicycle accident attorney, the Dante Law Firm is here for you. Our experienced team can step in to ensure you get the compensation you deserve, not the amount insurance companies want pay.

Being Careful

People ride their bikes for different reasons. Some people are exercise and recreational riders. Others use their bikes are their main mode of transportation. No matter how you use your bicycle, we know you take steps to be safe.

But vehicle drivers tend to be careless around people on bikes.

2016 Florida stats:

  • 6,668 bicycle accidents
  • 140 bicycle fatalities
  • 6,234 bicycle injuries

Almost any time a vehicle strikes a bicycle, the cyclist gets injured or killed. Some injuries are minor, like road rash or minor lacerations, but some are much more serious.

When a cyclist is hit, they are struck with thousands of pounds of force and then they hit the ground. Double the impact and jarring to our bodies. Major internal injuries that require surgery to fix may occur. This can mean extended rehabilitation times or even long-term disability.

What will this mean for your job?

Will you be able to continue to support your family?

Do you have insurance to cover this type of injury?

The Drivers

Bicycle accidents can cause an injury even at lower speeds. If drivers are careless at crosswalks and traffic lights, they could hit a cyclist who has the right-of-way. This is especially possible if a driver is carelessly looking at the phone.

If a driver is drunk or impaired by drugs, they are much more likely to strike a cyclist.

Reckless behavior on the part of a vehicle driver means that bicyclists are not safe, even if they are wearing a helmet.

And those reckless drivers should be held accountable for their actions.

Faulty Roads or Sidewalks

If a roadway or sidewalk is buckled or cracked, this can cause a cyclist to wreck their bike. If an injury occurs, the agency responsible for maintaining the road or sidewalk could be held liable if they knew of the hazard.

What Can You Do?

We know that getting into a bicycle accident is scary and it is the last thing you thought would happen. All you wanted to do was get some exercise in. If you need a bicycle accident lawyer in North Miami Beach, you should turn to the Dante Law Firm. Their experienced personal injury team is ready to work for you to get the compensation you need to cover ALL of your expenses, from medical bills to lost income if you can’t work. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation.

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