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Obtaining the Black Box Data After a Miami Trucking Accident

With thousands of people involved and injured in commercial trucking accidents each year, it is crucial that the information on the black box be obtained. The black box, or Electronic Control Module (ECM) in a commercial truck is very similar to that of a commercial airliner. It records all information regarding how the truck was operated. Information such as engine and vehicle speed, seat-belt usage, brake applications, throttles position, and air bag performance is all recorded and stored in the black box. This information is an extremely important device in a catastrophic trucking accident, especially when trying to prove truck driver negligence.

Attorneys often use the information contained in the truck’s black box during negotiations with insurance companies. When trying to prove that a truck driver or trucking company was negligent, it is extremely important to obtain the black box as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, trucking companies realize this and often “lose” or destroy the black box as quickly as they can. Numerous states have passed laws stating that the trucking company may immediately destroy the data recorded on the ECM after an accident, since the ECM is technically property of the trucking company. If the data on the black box is destroyed, it may be tough to prove the truck driver negligent.

Truck drivers often suffer from fatigue, due to the increasing stresses of their jobs and the excessively long hours they are required to work. In addition, there are numerous truck drivers who do not adhere to the current rule, which requires a driver to rest a minimum of 8 hours after driving a total of 10 consecutive hours. When a driver is fatigued it increases the risk of a trucking accident substantially.

If you have been involved in a Miami trucking accident, it is crucial to contact a trucking attorney immediately. Time is of the essence and an experienced Miami attorney can make sure that the ECM is recovered properly, without damage.

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