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Spinal cord injuries will impact you for the rest of your life, so it’s vital that you retain a Hollywood spinal injury lawyer from the Dante Law Firm for your deserve Compensation.
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Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

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Hollywood Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Millions of Dollars Recovered

Paraplegia, tetraplegia, quadriplegia.

Partial mobility.

Chance of some function returning.

All of these are things you probably never expected to hear, but if you or a loved one have suffered a spinal cord injury, you know it is a life-changing experience. Spinal cord injuries can happen to anyone and in a number of different ways, but if someone else’s negligence caused the injury, you may be entitled to compensation.

If you need a spinal cord injury attorney in Hollywood, the Dante Law Firm has a team standing by to help you.

Complete Change

The best-case scenario for first year medical expenses after a spinal cord injury is a little over $500,000. For major spinal cord injuries, costs can rise to over $1 million.

In just the first year.

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation states that the average lifetime costs for a 25-year-old who suffers a spinal cord injury can be over $2 million for paraplegia and up to nearly $5 million for quadriplegia.

Will insurance cover all of these medical expenses?

How about other costs?

There are many hidden costs associated with spinal cord injuries that many people do not think about.

  • Travel and Meal Expenses – after an injury, you may have to spend time traveling to specialists. This will likely mean hotel expenses and meal expenses.
  • Home and Vehicle Accommodations – if a spinal cord injury victim has to be in a wheelchair, this will likely mean some home adjustments and maybe a new vehicle.
  • Income – how much income will be lost if the person who suffers a spinal cord injury is unable to return to work? Imagine that they make $50,000 a year now. How much would they have made in a lifetime, factoring in raises and benefits?
  • Family Member Income – often, a family member has to leave their job to care for the spinal cord injury victim. They will no longer have money coming in.

Every year, there are around 17,000 new spinal cord injuries in the US. They happen due to vehicle accidents, falls, violence, sports injuries, and medical mistakes.

Everyone is vulnerable.

If someone else’s negligence has caused your spinal cord injury, that person should be held accountable. Whether it was a drunk driver, a workplace accident, or a medical mistake, you shouldn’t have to suffer financially when your focus should be on how to live your life moving forward.

How To Move Forward

It may seem like an impossible task right now. Recovery from a spinal cord injury can be a long process. We know that you and your family need to focus on healing, that’s why the Dante Law Firm wants to help you get the compensation you deserve. Let us fight for you. If someone else’s negligence caused your injury, our Hollywood spinal cord injury attorneys will be by your side.

We know that the costs for these injuries go beyond the significant medical expenses. Entire lifestyles change for the whole family. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation.

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