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If you are hurt by a product or become ill because of something you have consumed, your medical costs can quickly add up. Contact product liability attorney in Fort Lauderdale at 305-949-2526.
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It does not matter what you do throughout the day or how busy you are, you will be relying on products you use and consume to help you. As independent as we like to think we are, we still have things that make our lives easier.

When you buy something from the store or online, we know you fully expect it to be safe. After all, there are strict regulations for the things we buy.

But what if one of our products is defective and causes us or our loved ones harm?

If you need a product liability attorney in Fort Lauderdale, count on the Dante Law Firm to be by your side.

How Does This Happen?

In 2017, some of the most dangerous products people bought were:

  • Yard and garden equipment – 335,545 ER visits
  • Sports and recreation equipment – 4,168,461 ER visits
  • Home maintenance products – 212,112 ER visits
  • Furniture and fixtures – 3,317,724 ER visits
  • Construction materials – 4,581,373 ER visits

Think about how many things you use over the course of a day, and you will likely count hundreds of items. Your vehicle alone has thousands of parts, many of which are made by different manufacturers.

Product liability cases arise in the following ways:

  • They are poorly designed from the beginning. While the flaw may not be readily apparent, the design will eventually cause some kind of harm to the consumers. This can affect all of a certain product.
  • They have a manufacturing defect that alters them from their original design, leading the consumer to get hurt. This does not necessarily mean the whole line of the product is defective and can just be a batch of the product.
  • Labeling problems with products can cause harm in many ways. If a manufacturer fails to warn consumers of all hazards related to their products, they could be held liable for injuries. For example, if a product can get hot, they should warn of a burn hazard. If there are small pieces, they should warn of a choking hazard. Also, medications should have the proper dosage on them and should list all possible side effects.

If you are hurt by a product or become ill because of something you have consumed, your medical costs can quickly add up. If you have to miss work, the lost income could jeopardize the livelihood of your family.

What Comes Next

Getting hurt by the things we use or consume can be a nightmare. The last thing we expect when we make a purchase is ending up in the hospital, unable to get to work. If a company has caused you harm by producing a defective product or labeling it incorrectly, the Dante Law Firm is here to help. When you need a Product Liability attorney in Fort Lauderdale, you can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation. We will make sure you have the compensation you need to cover all of your expenses while you focus on getting better.

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