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Miami Gardens Product Liability Lawyer

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Look around your home. How many products do you count on to get through your day. Think about all of the items we use and consume each day and imagine how much trust we put into the manufacturers. How often do you actually research the safety of the products you use? Probably rarely.

Yet we always see news stories about faulty products. Do you know what to do if you or a loved one are injured by something you use or consume?

If you need a product liability attorney in Miami Gardens, we are here to help. The Dante Law Firm can provide you with experienced attorneys who will fight for you.

What Happens?

Considering just how many products we use on a daily basis, it is a wonder more are not defective. We are lucky to have strict regulations in the United States that set codes for most products, from our vehicles and toys to our foods and pharmaceuticals.

But that doesn’t mean they are all safe all the time.

Most product liability cases arise in one of three ways:

  • Defective Designs – the product was poorly designed from the start, leading it to be unsafe for the consumer.
  • Manufacturing Defects – somewhere in the manufacturing phase of a product, it was altered from the original design to make it defective and unsafe for consumers.
  • Improper Labeling – this is a broad point. Companies are required to warn consumers of all possible hazards related to their products. This includes things like warning of small parts that could be hazardous to children to letting consumers know not to use a product near water. This can also include side effects for medications as well as letting consumers know the proper dosages.

If something goes wrong with any of those points mentioned, people can become seriously hurt or ill. Faulty products can lead to hospitalizations and even death.

Medical expenses can become enormous. If you have to miss work, you could lose income you need to support you family.

There are plenty of faulty products that we hear about on a daily basis. Sometimes it is a poorly designed vehicle engine that spontaneously catches fire. Other times, we hear of carbon monoxide detectors that didn’t work.

Regardless of how a faulty product caused harm, these cases can be hard to prove. Often, the company that is facing a lawsuit attempts to place the blame for the injury on the consumer. This can be emotional for those who have experienced an injury or loss of a family member.

What To Do

Don’t let big companies intimidate you. If their negligence has caused hard to you or a loved one, the Dante Law Firm is with you for the entire case. We won’t back down as we work to ensure you are fairly compensated for any injury. When you need a Miami Gardens product liability lawyer, turn to an experienced team. You can focus on healing while we handle the rest. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation.

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