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Pembroke Lakes Mall accident lawyer

Going to the mall is something that everyone does. Whether they need to make a quick stop for something or want to spend the whole day shopping, you can always find what you need at the mall. You don’t even need to buy something. Many people just simply love walking the mall for some exercise. Unfortunately, sometimes people get hurt at the mall and it’s not their fault.

If you need a Pembroke Lakes Mall accident lawyer because a mall employee’s negligence has caused you harm, we want to help. At the Dante Law Firm, our years of premises liability experience will work to get you a fair settlement.

Inside The Mall

According to the CDC, falls are one of the leading cause of injury and death in older Americans. That is astounding and scary. Inside of a mall, one of the main ways people get hurt is because of problems with the floor. Whether it is a spill that employees have not cleaned up or a slippery carpet, these hazards can seriously hurt mall patrons.

But that’s not the only way people get hurt in malls.

Often, there are problems with equipment inside the mall. If there is any construction going on, all equipment should be away from mall customers and cordoned off so nobody can get close. If these precautions are not taken, people could get hurt by falling debris.

Escalators and elevators have a bunch of moving parts and sometimes people get injured on them. They should be inspected and maintained regularly by trained staff so that everything is in working order.

There are always displays put up around malls, particularly during the holiday seasons. These displays must be well built because thousands of people will walk by them every day. If they are unstable, they could break or fall, seriously hurting people.

Outside The Mall

Malls are often open well after the sun sets. Mall parking lots are large and can attract criminals who want to cause harm to mall patrons. Whether they want to steal newly bought merchandise or do something worse, if there is not adequate mall security to protect patrons, people could get seriously hurt. With properly trained security personnel and a well-lit parking lot, malls could mitigate potential criminal activity.

Mall parking lots should also be maintained so that the pavement is even and uncracked so nobody is at risk of falling and injuring themselves.

If You Get Hurt

Don’t waste any time securing legal help with a mall injury case. Premises liability situations can become complicated, so the sooner you start the process, the better. At the Dante Law Firm, we believe you deserve fair compensation for any injury you sustain because of someone else’s mistake. If you need a Pembroke Lakes mall accident attorney, you can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation. We will fight to get you compensation for your current and ongoing medical expenses, lost income if you’ve had to miss work, as well as punitive damages. It is time for you to regain control of your life. Let us help.

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