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Our Attorney understand that when you go to the hospital, you do not expect to end up in worse condition than when you showed up. At the Dante Law Firm, our Florida Keys hospital accident lawyers are available to help you. Call at 305-949-2526 today.
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Florida Keys Hospital Accident Lawyer

If you have been brought to Florida Keys Hospital due to sustaining injuries in an auto accident, slip and fall or other form of accident, a Dante Law Firm lawyer could successfully recover the compensation you deserve. Our legal expertise and extensive experience could assist you in securing the maximum monetary damages applicable to your case, in respect of your pain and suffering, lost earnings, property damage and more.

Our legal knowledge also covers injuries sustained on hospital premises. While you may expect to be safe and well-cared for in hospital – either as an outpatient or inpatient – this is not always the case. Just as you can be injured by a dangerous or hazardous condition on other premises, you can fall foul of these hazards in even the most prestigious medical facility. For example, if the hospital staff have cleaned a floor and not put appropriate signage in place, you may be entitled to seek compensation should you be injured through slipping and falling.

Similarly, a Dante Law Firm Florida Keys Hospital accident attorney could help if you are affected by misdiagnosis or other form of medical malpractice.

To discuss your circumstances with a Dante Law Firm Florida Keys Hospital accident attorney, call us today on 305-949-2526 to schedule your free initial consultation. You will never pay legal fees until we have recovered a settlement on your behalf.

Florida Keys Hospital, Monroe County – The Facts

Florida Keys Memorial Hospital is located within Monroe County, falling under the FL33040 zip code area. The hospital offers a range of medical services to those in Monroe County and surrounding areas.

Sustained Injuries on Florida Keys Hospital Campus? Speak to a Florida Keys Hospital Accident Lawyer Today

If you have been taken to Florida Keys Hospital following an accident, and need legal guidance and support from an outstanding attorney, call Dante Law Firm on 305-949-2526 today. Our expert lawyers could ensure you recover the compensation and damages you deserve after any kind of accident, occurring either within or without the hospital.

Our extensive experience of Florida personal injury and premises liability law has been honed over years of practice, during which time we have successfully handled countless cases relating to, amongst others:

To schedule your free initial consultation with an expert Florida Keys Hospital accident attorney, call Dante Law Firm today on 305-949-2526.

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