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If you need a Negligent Security Attorney in Fort Lauderdale turn to the Dante Law Firm. Our team will patiently work with you during this difficult time.
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Negligent Security Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Negligent Security Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Negligent Security Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Negligent Security Attorney in Fort LauderdaleLiving in such a popular tourist area can be a wonderful thing. At least you know you will never run out of ways to keep the family entertained. Also, you will always have places to shop and dine. Unfortunately, places such as this tend to invite those who also commit crime, transient travelers who think tourist areas are easy marks for them.

Whenever you go somewhere, property owners have a duty to ensure that you are properly protected. If they fail in this duty, they should be held accountable. If you need a Negligent Security Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, turn to the Dante Law Firm. Our team will patiently work with you during this difficult time. Contact us today.

State And Local

Florida has crime, there is no denying it. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, there were a total of 612,374 crimes committed in the state in the latest reporting year. Many of those were violent. Let’s look a little closer to home, at Fort Lauderdale’s numbers for 2017:

  • Total Violent Crimes – 567
  • Murders – 7
  • Rapes – 34
  • Robberies – 253
  • Aggravated Assaults – 270

For 2018, the numbers for all of those categories have already been eclipsed in 2018. It is getting more dangerous.

Adequate Security

A property owner or manager has a duty to keep patrons safe. Any business owner should provide the following:

  • Properly trained security personnel (or law enforcement presence)
  • Surveillance cameras that are monitored
  • Locks to keep unauthorized people out
  • Well-lit buildings and parking lots at night

By providing adequate security, the number one goal is deterrence. Criminals do not want to mess with someone if they think there is a good chance they will encounter security.

What kinds of places need this kind of security?

Anywhere people go and expect to be safe. Shopping malls, nightclubs, government buildings, and banks are just a few examples.

Physical And Emotional

If you are the victim of a crime, you could sustain injuries that put you in the hospital for a while. We know this will cost money, but it is often only the beginning of the pain.

Violent crimes leave much more than physical scars. The emotional trauma can follow a crime victim long after their bodies heal. Many people suffer from PTSD after a crime is committed against them and they often need therapy.

Your Next Steps

We know that being the victim of any crime can be incredibly difficult. You may be suffering emotionally and physically. The Dante Law Firm wants to work with you to make sure that the people responsible are held accountable, and that means the property owners who failed to provide adequate security. There is no reason you should be in financial jeopardy because of someone else’s negligence. We will make sure you get compensation for your medical expenses as well as pain and suffering damages. If you have to miss work, we’ll get money for your lost income as well. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation.

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