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Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Miramar, FL

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Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Miramar, FL

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Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Miramar, FL

Pedestrian Accident Attorney In MiramarWhen you start out on your daily walk, there is no reason to believe it will be any different than normal. Whether you are going to work, the store, or just heading out for a relaxing stroll, you’ve done it before and the trip always ended safely.

Unfortunately, sometimes things turn out differently and accidents occur.

If you have been hit by a vehicle while you were out walking, you may need a Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Miramar to help you figure out the next steps. At the Dante Law Firm, we are ready to help you through a difficult time. Contact us today.

Quickly a Nightmare

It happens so unexpectedly. Nobody thinks that they will get hit by a vehicle while the go about their daily routine. But when you really examine your route, you may realize just how many possibilities there are for you to get hit by a vehicle.

How many intersections do you go through? Vehicles are turning all different directions at an intersection and they often don’t see a pedestrian until it is too late.

Do you walk through parking lots? People are often struck by vehicles as they walk from their own vehicles into a store. Drivers are sometimes careless when they are backing their vehicles up and don’t check to see if anyone is walking behind them. The results can be devastating.

Do you walk sidewalks? Even though you may think you are safe on a sidewalk, sometimes a vehicle drifts too far over and can side swipe a pedestrian. If a driver is impaired by alcohol or drugs, no pedestrian nearby is safe.

Injuries Can Be Severe

There is no competition when it comes to a vehicle versus a pedestrian accident. People simply do not have any protection and, when struck by a vehicle, injuries can be traumatic. Even injuries that seem minor at first can become worse later. Internal and head injury symptoms often do not manifest themselves until hours after the initial accident.

According to the CDC, over 5000 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in 2015. Almost 129,000 people were treated for non-fatal injuries that year. The CDCsays that pedestrians over the age of 65 and children under the age of 15 are most at risk with these types of accidents, but they can happen to anyone who walks or jogs in areas where there are vehicles.

Don’t let a distracted or impaired driver change your life forever.

What To Do

If you are struck by a vehicle, please ensure all of your medical needs are met, no matter how minor they may seem at the time. Any time the human body encounters a fast-moving vehicle, the potential for damage is high. Make sure the police get involved and get copies of all reports and insurance information.

After that, you may need a pedestrian accident attorney in Miramar. The Dante Law Firm is ready to help you, no matter how major or minor the injuries.This can be a confusing process, from insurance companies to medical claims. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526.

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