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If you’ve been in a bus accident, whether as a passenger or another party outside of the bus, Bus Accident Attorney in Miramar are ready to help.
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Bus Accident Attorney in Miramar, FL

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Bus Accident Attorney in Miramar, FL

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Bus Accident Attorney in Miramar, FL

Bus Accident Attorney in MiramarWhether you have your own vehicle or not, sometimes you choose an alternate method of transportation. Maybe you choose a ridesharing service or a taxi. Other times, you may end up using a bus. For decades, people have used buses to get around in this country. From school buses to public transportation, buses are a common sight. While most bus rides area safe and get you where you need to be, sometimes accidents happen. When they do, you may need a bus accident attorney in Miramar.

At the Dante Law Firm, we understand accidents can be scary. If you’ve been in a bus accident, whether as a passenger or another party outside of the bus, Bus Accident Attorney in Miramar are ready to help.

You Don’t Expect It

Whether you are taking a quick public transportation bus ride across town or taking a longer passenger ride to another state, the last thing you expect is to get into an accident. Considering that the bus must pass inspections and the drivers are trained, you can be fairly certain everything will be okay.

But sometimes, everything is not okay.

A bus accident is scary. With the ability to carry so many passengers, any accident could potentially involve many injuries. It can be a nightmare experience. If your family is with you, the situation can be even scarier.

If you suffer medical bills due to a bus accident and have to miss work, your problems can compound beyond the initial accident. In the aftermath, you need to know what went wrong.

Was the driver distracted from the road?

When was the last time the bus was inspected?

Negligence on the part of the driver or the bus owner/operator could have played a part in the accident. You may be owed compensation beyond medical coverage.

School Buses

Nothing could be scarier than finding out your child was involved in a school bus accident. As a parent, your first priority will be to make sure your child is okay. Then, you will want answers. No parent should have to go through that, especially if someone’s negligence caused the accident. If it was the driver’s fault or something went wrong with the bus, you have the right to know.

What To Do

Have you or a loved one has been in an accident involving any of the following types of buses?

  • School bus
  • Public transportation bus
  • Airport bus
  • Sleeper bus
  • Long-distance transport bus
  • Limousine bus
  • Or other bus

If you answered yes, you may need a Miramar bus accident attorney. Vehicle accidents are scary, and bus accidents can be truly alarming. Before speaking with a bus company or insurance company, make sure you know your rights and be armed with as much information as possible. At the Dante Law Firm, we will help you determine if anyone was liable for the bus accident and will make sure you know your options. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526. We are here to work through this with you.

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