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Bicycle Accident Attorney In North Miami. If you need a bicycle accident attorney in North Miami because you’ve been hit by someone else, contact us today.
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Bicycle Accident Attorney In North Miami, FL


Bicycle Accident Attorney In North Miami, FL

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Bicycle Accident Attorney In North Miami, FL

Bicycle Accident Attorney In North MiamiWhen you need some fresh air and some good exercise, we know that sometimes you just can’t wait to get out on your bike. There are so many places in and around North Miami that the only way to truly take in all the beauty is to get out of the car and into the world.

We know you take steps to stay safe when you are on your bicycle, but there are some reckless drivers on the roadway who you can’t control. If you need a Bicycle Accident Attorney In North Miami because you’ve been hit by someone else, turn to the Dante Law Firm for help. Contact us today.

What Happens?

Maybe you want to ride to Oleta River State Park or to the bay. Maybe you use your bike as your main method of transportation. No matter how you use a bicycle, we want you to be safe.

In Florida, there are around 7,000 bicycle accidents a year. Most of those result in some kind of injury for the cyclist. Why are there so many injuries?

Because, a cyclist does not have much protection from another vehicle or the roadway, and they are likely to come into contact with both in an accident. While many injuries are minor, such as bruises and road rash, some are much worse.

Commonly, people in bicycle accidents break bones. Sometimes, there are severe internal injuries, often to the spinal cord or the brain. These injuries can have a long-lasting impact on your life.

Reckless Behavior

If you’ve been hit by another driver, it may have been because they were being reckless behind the wheel.

  • If another driver was distracted by their phones or another device, maybe watching videos or sending text messages, they are dangerous behind the wheel.
  • If a driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol, they essentially turn their vehicles into deadly weapons.
  • Some drivers are in such a hurry that they ignore crosswalks and traffic lights. This can lead to them striking a cyclist who has the right-of-way.

In every case above, a reckless driver should be held liable for their actions if they cause damages or injuries. While insurance may cover some of the costs associated with your injuries, they may not cover things like lost income if you have to miss work while you heal. They also won’t take into account your pain and suffering.

But we will fight for you.

If You Get Hit

We know that getting into an accident was the last thing you expected when you went out on your bike. The Dante Law Firm wants to help you through this difficult time. When you need a North Miami bicycle accident attorney, our team will work by your side to ensure you get the compensation you deserve so you can get back to living a normal life. Someone else’s negligence shouldn’t mean you have to suffer financially. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 305-949-2526 for a free consultation.

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